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Capital City! When we last left our intrepid travelers – we had journeyed overnight to the beautiful city of St. Petersburg and walked around. After spending two days in St. Petersburg, we came back to Moscow where Justin and Kelly … Continue reading

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From St. Petersburg with Love

Maybe inspired by the flurry of emails from a month ago, but also aided by the fact that friends have just moved there, I spent the October holiday break in Russia – namely Moscow and St. Petersburg. To be honest, … Continue reading

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Wing Hing on Ship Street

A couple of years ago, my friend CP went to Hong Kong with some friends to see the band The Flaming Lips play. As part of his weekend, he went with some friends to some Chinese restaurant in Wanchai and … Continue reading

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Hawaii for Chinese New Year

No, I didn’t make it to the Aloha State – as you know I was in Japan. However, its not a big secret that the Japanese have long been fascinated by Hawaii. Additionally, on my flight to Tokyo, I ended … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year means Japan

For the second year in a row I went to Japan to go snowboarding with my friend Evan. This time we went to Happo-one instead of Nozawa, but I had been to Happo many times before. First off, Tokyo. Returned … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2012

Needing to get out of cold Shanghai – especially with a lot of people out of town, I took my friend Abbie’s advice and her apartment too and just went down to Hong Kong to chill out for a few … Continue reading

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Turkey Day 2011

In what is now a Shanghai tradition, another turkey was ordered. Friends were invited. Lots of food was eaten.

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What I did on my October holiday

During the preceding week, many of my China based friends went on holidays – Thailand, the US, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam were popular destinations to spend the week off of work (as mandated by the Chinese government for … Continue reading

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Berkeley in the Rain

I don’t think its any secret the affection I have for my University. When I was back in California over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, I found time to head by a couple of times to see friends, watch … Continue reading

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It’s Always Sunny in Newport Beach

Well, we’ve been having rainy weather in Southern California, but it was absolutely brilliant hanging out with my former co-worker and friend Bryan in his hometown of Newport Beach. More to come from Southern California.

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