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Holiday in Cal-i-fornia

So I’m spending Christmas and New Year’s in California with friends and family. Very excited to be home and to eat In-N-Out, fish tacos, mission-style burritos and all that. I’m sure I’ll have some photos up from this week, sometime.

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All Hallow’s Eve: 2010

Costumes: Terrance and Phillip Party: Boxing Cat Brewery, Sinan Mansions More photos after the jump

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one of my best friends in the world just recently moved to oakland with her american football loving french husband. christie and gregory now live in this really cool little house in north oakland, and its really not a bad … Continue reading

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crab feed!

the more i try not to write about food, the more that i end up writing about food. one of the great things about being back in california for the holidays is that i got to attend my cousin celia‘s … Continue reading

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christmas eve dinner

we were priviliged enough to be hosted by my cousin keelan and his wife amelia and their two precocious sons samuel and joshua, for a hybrid western/filipino christmas eve dinner. growing up christmas eve dinner wasn’t a big deal in … Continue reading

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home for the holidays

after an epic 4 airport (shanghai pudong, hong kong chep lap kok, san francisco international and san diego international) and 23 hour journey involving 2 cars, 1 train, 3 flights i finally arrived in san diego just in time to … Continue reading

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dadgummit! blowout!

for me, watching the 1983 movie “a christmas story” is almost as much as a tradition as christmas itself. with that in mind, we had everyone get together to watch the movie and to have meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli florets … Continue reading

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home again, home again

with christmas and new year’s around the corner, i’m in countdown mode for my trip back to the states, which is nominally home for me. of course, i’m not really sure what is home anymore. let’s review a bit: pittsburgh, … Continue reading

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i wish that turkey could cost a nickel

the most wonderful time of the year has came and went. thanksgiving! of course, what we’re really celebrating is a group of WOEFULLY unprepared english types who arrived in the colonies with things like 200 pairs of shoes (for one … Continue reading

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the most wonderful time of the year

i actually don’t believe that (for me, it’s spring, when basketball playoffs for both the ncaa and nba are in full swing, baseball starts and the sun comes back), but that’s how the song goes. anyways, there are several reasons … Continue reading

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