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Living without a cell phone in 2013

[Note: Gross Story ahead] So I sweat a lot when I run – and it was about 34 degrees Celsius on Sunday afternoon when I went to Century Park on Sunday at lunch time. I usually run with my phone … Continue reading

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Shanghai instagram meetup

I’ve been using the iPhone photographic sharing and filter application Instagram now for a few months. It’s like Twitter for images – and has been a lot of phone to share and see photos from around the world and here … Continue reading

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iphoneography: Dynamic Light

So after seeing my friend Paul’s Instagram posts – full overcooked HDR shots, I asked him what he was using. Dynamic Light he says. So I bought it. Installed it. Wow, are the filters FUN! Here’s UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall … Continue reading

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iPhoneography: instagr.am

yeah yeah, hipster-esque with the faux-film like filters. anyways, I think instagram is a heck of a lot of fun. Really easy way to share photos to facebook, twitter and flickr. As if I needed more help in documenting my … Continue reading

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rims real big

seen at shanghai’s hongmei pedestrian street out in hongqiao district. an old, illegally imported cadillac with big (and ugly) rims. feels like houston circa 2005. well at least someone is still buying american cars. i don’t know what all those … Continue reading

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nothing is better than a big plate of meat

1. i don’t know when this turned into a food blog. food is not the only thing in my life – there’s also basketball and bicycles and . . . man my life is really empty. 2. apologies for the … Continue reading

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if something bad were to ever happen to me, at least i can say i landed 146 aircraft on the aircraft carrier level of flight control

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