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Los Angeles Part II

Arrrgh. My time in the US is coming to an end soon and I am 3 cities behind. Los Angeles Part II: After another run on the beach (man, Santa Monica is a NICE place to live) I had lunch … Continue reading

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Los Angeles

I grew up there. And still have great affinity for it. Would love someday to return there on a permanent basis, but for now I’ll have to satisfy myself with occasional visits. Drove down on I-5

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Fish Tacos, Newport Beach

Yes, it is March, but I’m cleaning up some of my vacation posts from Christmas. When I was down in Newport Beach visiting my friend Bryan – he said he had found the best fish tacos in Southern California. Well, … Continue reading

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Growing up in the Foothills

I’m from Los Angeles, but not the LA that everyone knows. I mean, you say “Los Angeles” and you think about

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you dropped food on the floor

what next? good thing i have this handy decision tree/flowchart. stolen from a new way to think about the 5 second rule

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christmas eve dinner

we were priviliged enough to be hosted by my cousin keelan and his wife amelia and their two precocious sons samuel and joshua, for a hybrid western/filipino christmas eve dinner. growing up christmas eve dinner wasn’t a big deal in … Continue reading

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fall is here

well, at least it feels like it. it’s cool and damp and windy these last two days in shanghai, and it’s a welcome respite from the heat of summer. i hope fall lasts quite a bit, because winter around these … Continue reading

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