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Celebrating America’s 237th while abroad

It’s always a little strange to celebrate July 4th while being abroad, while living in an international city. There’s the surface similarities of barbecues and some red, white and blue bunting and I think a lot of people feel even … Continue reading

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And on to the next one . . .

So they gathered us down at Shanghai Stadium at 5:30 on Wednesday. 16 different teams from across Greater China. Nike retail staff, sales, marketing, merchandising and operations staff, all flown to Shanghai (or already living here) for the showdown. Here’s … Continue reading

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21km and running

Sorry for the radio silence (I think probably 80% of blog posts start this way), but sometimes work + life + laziness gets in the way of documenting what happens. If you really need to know what’s going on – … Continue reading

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Self powered transportation

Some wise people or maybe it was another source that said “the optimal number of bicycles to own is n+1 where n is the number of bicycles one currently owns. So, despite already owning 3 bicycles, I went in to … Continue reading

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America’s Finest Cultural Export

So the World Wrestling Federation made their second visit to Shanghai last night. Andrew and I went out to Pudong Oriental Sports Center to check out the action. I was really surprised how much the Chinese fans were into it. … Continue reading

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Summer of Shanghai

Usually summer here is a hot miserable humid slog through thick smog, thick air and then getting sick easily in the transition from hot, humid, fetid to air con to hot, humid, to air con. Also, sometimes it rains. However, … Continue reading

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Sometimes golfing in China is different than golfing in the US (or elsewhere)

Like take this for example. Last Friday during Summer Hours (we take Friday afternoons off) we were playing out at Shanghai Orient Golf Club, when someone showed up ready to sell us used golf balls. Now, this isn’t a super … Continue reading

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Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet – actually eating there!

Ultraviolet. As mentioned in this space before, I was going to have dinner at Paul Pairet’s new restaurant concept on June 9th. Well, its June 12, and yes, I had dinner there on June 9th. So – where’s the review? … Continue reading

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It’s crawfish time!

One of my favorite things about living in Houston was crawfish season. (Or crayfish. Or crawdads. Or little lobsters). And its mainly a Louisana/Cajun thing. In Houston you’d go to your local ice house, get a bucket of crawfish and … Continue reading

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People in this town can’t drive

From outside my window this morning at 6.30am ish

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